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Technical Photography  (by CHSOS) Ago/2018

We implemented a complete set of open source software for Technical Photography. Our TP KIT comes with a laptop that has all the software you need pre-installed and tested.

Digicam Control for tethering the camera, It replaces Control my Nikon we were using before, which is actually a good software but it works just for Nikon cameras. Digicam Control works for many models and brands, so it makes much more sense to learn this software. and use it on different cameras.


Raw Therapee to edit the raw images. This replaces Adobe Camera Raw which is a plugin of the costly Photoshop.


GIMP to prepare the Technical Photography report.  Replaces Photoshop. We just need this software for the few operations we need to do for analyzing the technical images, mostly it is registration of the images and observations on the different layers. A software like GIMP has all we need for Technical Photography, so we said goodbye to Photoshop.

Office work

Libreoffice for all our office workflow. We do write reports, we prepare digital presentations, we do accounting, quoting and invoicing. For all of this office work, we used Microsoft Office and we replaced it with the free Libreoffice suit.