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Remark: was Grindr now a hunting ground for officially directly, married males?

Creating for, Christopher Gen says homosexual hook-up application Grindr has grown to be gaining enhanced recognition with direct guys.

Lightly cleaning aside the debateable morals and ethics of Grindr, along with the seedy picture they paints, Ia€™ve not too long ago staggered upon a far more pressing complications: a horde of directly males appear to have came across the software, and ita€™s peeked their own fascination.

Ia€™ve arrived at name this a€?straights on a break.a€™

Wea€™ve all sported crushes on all of our directly friends, most likely once we are more youthful, but whata€™s not too long ago occurred to me, after a few conversations of a somewhat questionable character with a a€?straighta€™ male (whom arrived filled with girlfriend) is the fact that Grindr is full of bi-curious and married males who happen to be merely here to a€?try ita€™ to not purchase it.

Whata€™s incorrect because of this? Really, Ia€™m undecided exactly what your attitude take the problem, but we severely dislike being treated like some beef or, more appropriately, a quick snack.

It might probably cyber-tickle some dudes inside the right place; the notion of a seemingly directly man dropping prey towards animal magnetism is flattering (after all, the audience is fantastic) in case you actually look at it, past the provocative images and school-boy dreams, ita€™s not that flattering; ita€™s really lower best degrading. Continue lendo

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